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Fireball Wand™ Magic Shooting Lit Wand


Become The Wizard You’ve Always Wanted To Be!

Since the first time you watched movies, we all know how much you wanted to be a wizard and have a special magic wand too. well, it's never too late, with The Fireball Wand you can become the wizard or witch you’ve always dreamed of being. it shoots out magical fireballs, and allows you to live out your wizarding fantasies! Just load the fireball wand with the flash paper, and yell “INCENDIO!” as you cast your spell.

Is it Safe?

Captivate the minds of others!

Imagine your family or friends’ reaction when you pull it up in front of them and you create a jaw-dropping magical experience, I'm sure they will be blown away, The Magic Fire Wand is perfect for parties, theater role play, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween themed costume accessories. Packaged in an elegant, perfect as a Gift wand box.

A Wand That Shoots REAL Fireballs!

It uses a special flash paper that disappears in seconds after the shot. Put paper inside, press the magic button leave your friends speechless!

One Click Magic Wand Ignition - Reload & Fire

Using flash paper, tear and roll the flash paper. Push it into the wand and you’re all set! The tighter/bigger the paper the further the flame ball will go. The Fire Wand is 100% portable and works without fuel, lighter, or any harmful items.

How does The Fireball Wand work?

Check out this video tutorial on how to use the Magic Fireball wand the Right and Safe way:
Package Includes:
  • Wand x 1, Flash Paper x 1 (180-200 Shots), Instruction Book x 1
  • Wand Length: 16 inches 
  • Material: Wood, Handmade
  • Range: 15-20 feet - The bigger & tighter of paper, the further the fireball
  • Charging Method: USB 
  • Charging Time: 1 hour