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Photo: Marcus Tondo / Indigital.Tv

Remember when we told you puka shell necklaces were coming back to wreak havoc on the hairs of your neck and add some '90s nostalgia to your wardrobe, #Saltbae style? Well, we weren't joking then, and we're not joking now: Prada just brought back the conch shell necklace, too. That's right, because if one shell necklace revival in the span of a couple months wasn't enough, now you've got two torturing devices to proclaim your affinity for throwback accessories.

But hey, styled correctly — you know, ideally with a chic buffer cloth of some sort in between your precious neck and the necklace itself, of course — it doesn't look half bad. The Italian brand sent the surf staple down the runway at its fall 2017 show in Milan yesterday, along with a slew of fur belts and a necklace or three with sticks on them. (Again, we're still being very serious here.)

But all shock value and Game of Thrones vibes aside, there was a strong presence of fur and leather on the catwalk. A strong '70s feel ruled the runway, but those damn '90s-esque shell necklaces could not be unseen. That said, a few questions remain.

Will Prada's luxury version be more wearable than the versions of our tween years, which felt more like wearing a chain of barbed wire than a selection of the ocean's finest shells? And are we going to be able to stomach the pain (and the price)? If it's too hot to style with a mohair sweater, as Miuccia Prada has suggested, will it be acceptable to wear with, say, a sensible tank top? Or is that too Raymundo Rocket and not enough Elvis? Who knows. But one thing's for sure: we're just glad the latest trend in neck jewelry doesn't involve a choker.