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How does the Harry Potter fireball wand work?

To operate one, you just pack a small piece of flash paper in the business end of the wand, then push the button at its base to heat the coil inside, igniting the flash paper and causing it to shoot from the end like a fireball. 

Or you can cast spell “INCENDIO” and push the button for epic experience!

They're fiery fun for all ages!


Will the kids like it?

Yes absolutely. Find out which character is his favorite from Harry Potter and find that Wand!


Is it safe to use?

The Fire Wand is 100% portable and works without fuel, lighter, or any harmful items.


Can it work on with any type of  paper?

No, It needs Magic Paper. You can purchase it anytime from us. Local magic shops also sell "magic paper"


How Many Fireballs Can I Launch?

-As long as you have Magic Paper, and a spell book, you can charge up and cast incendio!


How does it generate the fireball?

The wand has a built in heater which can launch the magic paper ball and cook it within seconds (Just charge the wand to ensure it works!)


How do I use it?

By pressing the button! "Yer a wizard Harry."


What is it made out of?:

Material: Resin, Handmade

Range: 10-25 feet, the bigger the ball of paper, the farther the fireball flies

Charging method: USB